Persian Anatomical Illustrations, ca. 1390
from Mansur’s Anatomy, the Tashrīḥi Manṣūri

تشريح بدن انسان  Tashrīḥ-i badan-i insān 
The Anatomy of the Human Body

Composed by  منصور ابن محمد ابن احمد ابن يوسف ابن الياس  
Manṣūr ibn Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad ibn Yūsuf Ibn Ilyās

Manṣūr Ibn Ilyās was a late 14th century Persian physician from Shiraz, in Timurid Persia.  

Read a bio and description by Emilie Savage-Smith, University of Oxford …

Copy kept in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, where you can see images of many more of Manṣūr Ibn Ilyās’ illustrations.

This diagram of a human skeleton is a view from behind, with the head hyperextended so that the face looks upward, with the palms of the hands facing towards the observer - a posture, some have noted, suggestive of the dissection table.

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Man I’m watching Blackfish on Netflix right now and I am disgusted at what Sea World did to the whales and what they allowed to happen to the trainers


- the original Sea World whales were captured from the wild—hunters separated and removed baby…

Actually, Tilikum wasn’t originally from Sea World, he was from SeaLand, which caught killer whales from the wild. Sea World got him when SeaLand shut down because of animal mistreatment. Tilikum was never trained to have trainers in the water with him- the original owner thought it was too dangerous. So, Tilikum was never trained to do “water work.” Trainers weren’t allowed in the water.

He was kept in a small tank at SeaLand with 2 females, who bullied him constantly. Basically, because of his original owners, Tilikum can’t work with trainers in the water and is just basically a wreck.

Also, one of the people he killed broke into the park and got in the tank with him. Killer whales with new things in their tanks think “toy” and want to explore.

Blackfish is incredibly biased, the trainers they have speaking haven’t worked for Sea World in decades, and they use footage that is out of context and has voice overs that don’t actually go with the footage.

Do I agree with how the whales are kept in captivity? No. But Sea World has made every possible improvement to take care of this whale that can’t be put back in the wild because of how Sea Land treated him and how whales were originally caught.

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Jana Romanova a Russian photographer captures couples in their sleep to explore their cultural attitude inside their families. Since she didn’t want them to pose she had to stick around their house till they fall asleep deeply and she would take the picture at 5-6 am. The project was named “Waiting” as they are parents to be.

these make me so happy 

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Jimmy Nelson

Before They Pass Away


The most gorgeous and wonderful photoset that’s come across my dash in a while.


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alright you guys have posted some pretty bad jokes on here but not one comes close to this doozy

brace yourselves

so there’s a far-off place that consists of a perfectly triangular lake surrounded by land, with three kingdoms on the three sides of the lake. the first…

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I love this man with all my heart ❤️

I love this man with all my heart ❤️

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Shout out out to everyone who has absentee fathers or deceased fathers or abusive fathers at all this father’s day, you don’t need a father figure in your life to be as great as you are now

I actually needed to read this today


This is fucking important.

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Évolution inversée

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”
― Pablo Picasso

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Dane DeHaan for Prada’s S/S 2014 Men’s Advertising Campaign

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How to properly pet animals by Adam Ellis

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Photograph credit: Jenni Chung

Model: me

Photograph credit: Jenni Chung

Model: me

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"Welcome to Independence"

Etching and Aquatint


"Welcome to Independence"

Etching and Aquatint


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